Collection: Hot Mama Jeans

Why do we call it HOT MAMA Jeans? 

Because they are super stretchy and with great tummy control. After having kids our bodies changed but if we use the right jeans. We can feel comfortable in jeans again :) 

TIP: This Jeans are so stretchy that if you want a tighter fit, we suggest to size down 1 size.  If you normally wear size 7, get a size 5. If you want to be supper comfy then get a size 7 ;)   

Little bit about Judy Blue:

Since 1999, Judy Blue's mission has been to create and provide denim to all types of denim connoisseurs. They pride themselves on their unique techniques, curve-flattering fit, and high quality. Every pair of Judy Blue's is made with love and exceptional craftsmanship. Judy Blue dominates the denim world with a passion for creating jeans that are fashionable and comfortable.