When you become a Mother, you do not cease to be a WOMAN.  

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It is very easy to get lost in Motherhood. One day, you just realize you are so immersed in your family's needs that you have forgotten your own. Naturally, our first instinct is to jump back into the personality, clothes, habits we had before having kids. But this does not feel right. You don’t fit in it anymore. How can it? When your life, priorities, everything has changed so much. 

In Jadrina, we want to help you re-discover your identity or find a new one, with clothes that FIT YOU and not the other way around. Giving you the freedom to express your new personality and love your new body. 

That is our inspiration. Help you feel confident again with tips and tricks carefully selected for busy mamas. But, how do we know what your needs are? Because Jadrina is run by moms! So yea.. We know what you need, because we have been there too. It does take a village and we want to expand yours. Please reach out.

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